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Tamer Awakening

Identity  As she arrived on the shores of the Human World, she was amazed. There was nothing but civilization as far as the eyes could…

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Striker Awakening

Internal Struggle My master explained to me that martial arts began when humans began to imitate the movements of the animals. Tiger, Panther, Snake, Monkey…

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The Tamer also makes her way to Black Desert. Accompanied by her legendary beast Heilang, the tamer wields a Shortsword and a Trinket to demolish…

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The Striker is a natural born fighter. His combat style is a mix of street brawler and trained martial artist. Discover the past of this…

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The Talented Little Shai

The new Shai talents will soon be available! The talent update combines the Shai’s need to help others and her newfound musical abilities to inspire…

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Florin’s Favorite Daughter

Adventurers! Our next class is a brand-new class in the world of Black Desert PlayStation: Shai. Shai has a taste for all things tricky. Shai…

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A Wandering Heart

Adventurers, The Mystic is making her way to Black Desert PlayStation. This reluctant brawler is an incredibly powerful character that can pummel almost anything into…

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The Dragon’s Champion

The Mystic will be able to awaken in this update, which allows her to utilize the power of the sea dragon, Banha. Check out her…

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Elion’s Chosen

The Valkyrie makes her way to Black Desert PlayStation 4. Elion’s chosen warriors wield sword and shield in pre-awakening, and once awakened will be able…

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An Unforgettable Summer

A Tale of Two Tribes Summer was always a difficult time in the southern valleys of the Ryuta region. The barren lands were near lifeless…

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Mistress of Blades

Kunoichi finds her True Grit The dream came to Ichi once more. A dream of valleys, of rugged people surviving through hunting and gathering, of…

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