Hashashin Awakening


Overcome the trials of contempt
to command true authority over the sands.

  • Awakening Weapon – Dual Glaives
  • Combat Style – Melee

The awakened Hashashin takes up Dual Glaives to purge the foes of Aal,
after having overcome his trials and received the true blessing of Aal.
Wielding the enormous dual blades as if they were light as a feather,
he unleashes a flurry of unavoidable attacks, pushing his enemies to the brink.
Hashashin overcame Hadum’s temptations, which appeared before him disguised in the voice of Aal,
by conquering Hadum’s shadow.
And by the authority of the sands, he absorbed the enemy’s power
and created the sand serpent, which he unleashes to make his foes quiver in fear.

Hashashin Awakening Official Trailer