Embrace the Wolf



In the next update, you will be able to ascend as the Archer and unlock more powerful skills. The Ascension works similarly to awakening (you need to be level 56 and accept a quest from the Black Spirit) with the difference being he does not need these quests to be completed in order to equip his awakening weapon.

The story of the Archer continues after he entered the portal and followed his mothers will.


The moon was high in the sky, lighting up Kamasylvia with a beautiful pale white light. The young Luthraghon stood in front of the sacred tree taking in its spectacular luminescent glow. His mind raced as he was searching for direction. He was suffocating in this new open space, but more than that he was drowning in his mind. Where should he go from here? How could he continue to follow his mother’s will? The wind brushed against his face as it blew a leaf from the tree from the branches. He stared at the leaf intent, looking for an answer to his million questions.

His purpose was clear before. He was born to protect the roots of the sacred tree. In darkness he found comfort, and now in the light of the world he was out of sorts. This world was foreign to him.

Yet he tried to consume knowledge about the world around him. He discovered books that told of the war between his sisters. Their violent conflicts, the death and rebirth of Kamasylve. All these things were not known to him before. Yet one paragraph caught his attention. He learned that the Vedir had placed an enchantment on the roots of the tree, yet the author was not sure why. It dawned on the young Luthraghon that it was they who sealed his brothers below the tree. A new feeling overcame him, something he had never experienced before. Rage.

Why is there bloodshed between the sisters? How could they lock away their brothers? We are all here from Sylvia’s will, we are all made due to her love and affection. Why do they not share in the joy that is life?

Lost in the rage that bubbled within, he heard leaves rustle in the distance. He felt a presence watching him. As he turned the figure vanished leaving behind black smoke. He didn’t need to see who it was, he instantly knew it was one of his sister Vedir, the ones who sealed the Luthraghon in Adùir.

He dashed through the forest chasing the trail of black smoke. He ran as fast as he could but he could not close the gap. The crossbow he was wielding was good for short range, but aiming accurately through the trees was impossible. He stopped to catch his breath, drawing the massive greatbow off his back.

He steadied himself, nocked his arrow and pulled back the giant bowstring. Time seemed to stop around him as he waited to release the arrow. He could see the winds trajectory around the forest, and adjusted his aim. His target entered his sights and he released the arrow. The leaves of the trees around the arrow rustled as this massive arrow made its way towards the target. The arrow seemed to roar as it thundered through the trees.

The young Luthraghon walked the path the arrow took through the trees. He was confident that the arrow channeled his determination through the wind to connect to his target. Yet he found the arrow lodged into a tree, he had missed his target. As he pulled the arrow from the tree, a voice reached out to him from behind.

“Do you think you could hit me with that sluggish arrow? Go back to Adùir and protect the roots watcher! You should not be in this realm.”As the Luthraghon turned to the direction of the voice he saw a powerful spellbound Kriegsmesser dig into the ground. A dark energy erupted from the ground causing the young Lutrhaghon to get knocked down. The pain in his body was excruciating. His insides felt as though they were being ripped apart from the impact. The young Luthraghon summoned the last of his strength and stabbed the Vedir with his arrow.

Once the ground settled around him, the Luthraghon looked around him. The Vedir was gone, however a trail of blood gave away the location of his enemy. He tried to get up to follow the trail, yet his body was still weakened from the blast. He got to his feet and steadied himself on a tree. He felt the pain course through his body and every inch of his being was crying out in agony. The arrow that he stabbed the Vedir with was broken, and as he held it in his hand he whispered.“Mother, I am doubtful that I will be able to fulfill the purpose you have bestowed upon me.”He gripped the broken arrow tighter. He was bitter and resented the fact that he could not chase his target. Suddenly a brilliantly radiant light entered his body. He thought he was hallucinating at first because of the blood loss, but the warm feeling that comforted him felt familiar. It was then he spotted a Sylvian Wolf heading towards him.

The wolf walked closer, pacing around the young Luthraghon in a circle. It was the first time he had laid eyes on such a wolf, yet it felt familiar. His confusion continued to grow until he realised the greatbow on his back was resonating with the Sylvian Wolf. Although not sure, he assumed that the wolf was a projection of the bow. Stoic yet powerful. This was his gift from his mother he was sure of it.

His mother, Sylvia, must have seen everything that would transpire today. This was her way of safeguarding his life, so that he may fulfill his purpose. He reached and put his hand on the Wolfs head. It let out a long and piercing howl as it dispersed into light, becoming one with the Luthraghon.
“Your destiny is in your hands. Walk the path you believe in. Be sure that any step you take leads you to fulfill your purpose.”

The Luthraghon could not tell who the voice belonged to, yet it didn’t matter. His mind had cleared of all confusion, his pains were relieved. He was no longer hesitant to venture out into the world.

“This is the path that I choose, this is my destiny.”

Archer Ascension Skills

Although the Archer could use awakening weapons from the beginning, he could not learn all of the skills attached to his Greatbow. As the Archer has unlocked his hidden power, he can now ascend his skills and become a true Luthraghon! 

Righteous SmiteFires a huge arrow infused with the power of light at the target. The arrow is slow but the explosion is extremely powerful.
SentinelEmpowers Archer’s skills to make them extremely destructive for a limited time.
Piercing CometShoots an arrow using the long range and explosive capabilities of the Greatbow. It can be charged to increase the area of effect.
Ravenous TalonStuns targets in close range and then creates distance between them.
Flow : Light’s TrailArcher moves backwards while shooting, which can be used in various situations as it flows after many skills.

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